Reliability is Priceless


Michael is extremely professional. He came to me and replaced my screen in about 20 min just like he said. It was...

Posted by Amy Williams on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Local iPhone & iPad Repair You Can Depend on

Since the early days of smartphone repair, parts quality (along with skill & experience) has proven to be one of the main factors in determining the reliability of the repair as well as overall customer satisfaction. So rather than skimp on original quality to squeeze out a minor short-term savings in up-front costs, we instead happily pay top-dollar for the highest quality parts available. This investment gives iPhoneIntact the ability to ensure Apple-quality repairs you can depend on, with components made by the same manufacturers that produced your original, now broken screen. Replacement screens with Corning brand glass, and LCD displays with crisp Retina resolution. Without the overhead of a local repair shop, iPhoneIntact can provide the highest quality at the lowest cost, AND at the greatest convenience to you!

Because we use the most authentic quality screens, iPhoneIntact guarantees your repair with what is basically the same 1-year warranty provided by Apple against screen defect/hardware failure. Meaning for a full 12 months after your repair, a defective screen replacement will be replaced again without any additional cost to you. With the same understanding - that if you drop it and/or get it wet (physical damage), that of course will be on you. Otherwise, a naturally defective or failing screen is quickly swapped out, at no charge to you, at your earliest convenience.