Troubleshooting & Repair Quotes

Troubleshooting & Repair Quotes

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Whatever your broken iPhone or iPad issue may be, we've almost certainly seen it before. Drawing on over 8 years of iDevice repair experience with well over 6000 successful repairs, iPhoneIntact has the rare ability to quickly identify and resolve almost any iPhone hardware issue that might arise while in the field. This means you'll have more than just an affordable phone fix, you'll have a repair you can trust, knowing it was done with expert precision.

Even if your issue is not a broken screen or hardware repair need - iPhoneIntact aims to be a helpful resource, so whatever iPhone or iPad struggle you might be suffering through, we can help you find your solution.

We've developed quite a knack for quickly and correctly diagnosing the issue at hand, and answering any questions you might have, just by getting a few key pieces of information from you. Simply TEXT 919-884-9557 and briefly describe your issue, including your basic info - what exactly is broken, and roughly where/when you can meet. It's helpful to know exactly which model device you have (iPhone 6 Plus vs6S Plus, or iPad Mini 1 or 2, for example), as well as what area you're in, and what your schedule is like.

A qualified local repair tech will respond asap, fast & happy to answer any questions you might have, provide you with a free quote, and arrange for a prompt local repair appointment at time and place that works for you!