iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement

from 99.00

What happened? Living life on the edge and your luck finally ran out? Did you roll your phone and come up ‘snake eyes’/busted? Or, maybe the kid just got a hold of it while you were unloading groceries. Whatever the origin story, the ending is the same - iPhoneIntact will replace your broken iPhone 7 Plus screen ON-SITE, faster and for less.

Our repair service is entirely MOBILE within Raleigh, so fast, professional screen replacement is always nearby. Skilled repairs are done at your office/workplace or local coffee shop in just 15 minutes!


iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repairs - $99 for standard cracked glass screen replacement; $149 with LCD (display) or digitizer (touchscreen) damage*. Includes a FREE screen protector, and full 1-YEAR WARRANTY against screen defect/failure.

(iPhone 7 Plus - Models A1661, A1784)

Damage Extent:

*Damage to the LCD (display screen) and/or digitizer (touchscreen) is Indicated by discoloration/colored lines/black spots/yellow bruising in the display image underneath the broken glass, and/or any loss of functionality in the screen.