iPhone 6S Plus/6S+ Screen Replacement

iPhone 6S Plus/6S+ Screen Replacement

from 89.00

What happened? Was it the pavement, or the tile floor? Or neither? No matter- If your iPhone 6S Plus had a slip and fall, and you’re dealing with a broken screen, iPhoneIntact Mobile iPhone Repair is headed your way NOW to sort that screen out FAST.

Our MOBILE service brings the phone repair to YOU. Have the cracked glass on your phone removed and replaced with a new screen in just 15 minutes, without ever leaving your office or neighborhood.


iPhone 6S Plus Screen Repairs - $89 for standard cracked glass screen replacement; $139 with LCD (display) or digitizer (touchscreen) damage*. Includes a FREE screen protector, and full 1-YEAR WARRANTY against screen defect/failure.

(iPhone 6S Plus - Models A1634, A1687, A1699)

Damage Extent:

*Damage to the LCD (display screen) and/or digitizer (touchscreen) is Indicated by discoloration/colored lines/black spots/yellow bruising in the display image underneath the broken glass, and/or any loss of functionality in the screen.