iPhone 6S Screen Replacement

iPhone 6S Screen Replacement

from 79.00

What happened? Living life on the edge and your luck finally ran out? Did you roll your phone and come up ‘snake eyes’/busted? Or, maybe the kid just got a hold of it while you were unloading groceries. Whatever the origin story, the ending is the same - iPhoneIntact will replace your broken iPhone 6S screen ON-SITE, faster and for less.

Our repair service is entirely MOBILE within Raleigh, so fast, professional screen replacement is always nearby. Skilled repairs are done at your office/workplace or local coffee shop in just 15 minutes!


iPhone 6S Screen Repairs - $79 for standard cracked glass screen replacement; $99 with LCD (display) or digitizer (touchscreen) damage*. Includes a FREE screen protector, and full 1-YEAR WARRANTY against screen defect/failure.

(iPhone 6S - Models A1633, A1688, A1700)

Damage Extent:

*Damage to the LCD (display screen) and/or digitizer (touchscreen) is Indicated by discoloration/colored lines/black spots/yellow bruising in the display image underneath the broken glass, and/or any loss of functionality in the screen.