iPhone 6 (not 6S) Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 (not 6S) Screen Replacement

from 69.00

from 69.00

Are you or someone you love suffering with the pain and anguish of a broken iPhone 6? Have you often found yourself shouting ‘there’s got be a better way!’? Because life is too short to carry such a burden of frustration and shame, why not let iPhoneIntact Mobile iPhone Repair sort that cracked screen out for you, with quickness and convenience.

We bring the phone repair to YOU - Repairs are done quickly & correctly at a time and place that fits your schedule. Professional on-site screen replacement service done at your office or nearby coffee shop, in 15 minutes or LESS!


iPhone 6 Screen Repairs - $69 for standard cracked glass screen replacement; $89 with LCD (display) or digitizer (touchscreen) damage*. Includes a FREE screen protector, and full 1-YEAR WARRANTY against screen defect/failure.

(iPhone 6 - Models A1549, A1586, A1589)

Damage Extent:

*Damage to the LCD (display screen) and/or digitizer (touchscreen) is Indicated by discoloration/colored lines/black spots/yellow bruising in the display image underneath the broken glass, and/or any loss of functionality in the screen.