iPhone 5 Series - 5/5C/5S Screen Replacement

iPhone 5 Series - 5/5C/5S Screen Replacement

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What disastrous fate hath befallen thine iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S? Such a shame, you know. All it takes is the right drop, you know, and your whole life starts to fall apart. You should definitely be embarrassed, but also know- it happens to the best of us. Now, that there is good news, but this here is some great news- The dark days of demolished device despair are now departing.

iPhoneIntact is ON-SITE smartphone screen replacement, at your service. Have an experienced repair tech bring the professional phone fix to you FAST. It’s the simple, sensible solution to your shattered screen situation - A new screen for your broken iPhone in 15 minutes, conveniently at your office or local neighborhood coffee shop.


iPhone 5/5C/5S Screen Repairs - $69 for standard cracked glass screen replacement; $79 with LCD (display) or digitizer (touchscreen) damage*. Includes a FREE screen protector, and full 1-YEAR WARRANTY against screen defect/failure.

(iPhone 5 - Models A1429, A1456; iPhone 5C - Model A1532; iPhone 5S - Model A1533)

Damage Extent:

*Damage to the LCD (display screen) and/or digitizer (touchscreen) is Indicated by discoloration/colored lines/black spots/yellow bruising in the display image underneath the broken glass, and/or any loss of functionality in the screen.