iPad Air Glass Screen Replacement

iPad Air Glass Screen Replacement

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Uh-oh… Have the fates conspired to align against your once lovely iPad Air screen? Perhaps Mercury was in retrograde. Or it could be that your moon is in the 7th house? Derivative quadruplicity and rising sign delineations are a notoriously volatile mix. So don’t blame yourself. Or, do. Either way, the bottom line here is your iPad glass is busted. So what?! A fast, affordable local screen repair option awaits your beck and call. It's easy.

Have your broken iPad Mini glass screen professionally restored to it's former glory, and barely skip a beat from your day in the process.

iPhoneIntact offers same-day iPad screen repair via pickup & delivery service within Raleigh. The flexibility of our MOBILE service means that you can have your iPad repaired with maximum convenience, at minimum cost.


The iPhoneIntact iPad repair process - Requiring high levels of repair experience, and extended tedious precision, iPad screen replacement involves cumbersome tools, takes 1-2 hours for total repair time, and often creates a significant mess of dangerously sharp glass debris. For these reasons, iPad repairs are not done on-location, as with Phone Repair.

Instead, and equally convenient for you, our on-the-go mobile service allows us to quickly retrieve the iPad from your Raleigh location, and then perform a skilled repair off-site, using a properly equipped workstation in a controlled environment. Once the new screen is set and your device has passed all quality control tests, your iPad is returned to you, within just a few hours that same day. Like new again.

iPad Model:

iPhoneIntact places the highest value on respecting and protecting the privacy of our customers. Our iPad screen repair process requires NO - none, zero - user access to your device beyond the initial lock screen/passcode screen, as touchscreen functionality can be verified there, without unlocking the device. We do not have access to, nor need access to, ANY of your personal login info/encrypted data/settings/accounts to perform a successful hardware replacement.

And if the FBI couldn't access a locked iOS device, you can safely bet iPhoneIntact is not up to the task. But if privacy is an extra sensitive issue for you, no problem - there is a simple solution. Prior to your repair, we recommend making a private backup of your device either via iTunes on your personal computer or via iCloud, and then erase your device, wiping the disk completely before the repair. Once the device is returned to you after the repair, you can securely restore all settings and data from your backup at your convenience. For more info, see our page on privacysecurity.