Everything You Need in a Screen Repair, and Nothing You DOn't

How exactly? And how long? Professional phone repair is performed on-site at your chosen location, by an experienced technician, at a time that fits you and your schedule. Skilled smartphone repairs are done quickly & correctly while you watch, at a small table space at your office/workplace or local cafe/nearby coffee shop, and most cracked glass/lcd screen and battery replacement services are completed in just 15 minutes or LESS!

Because quality is a core value of our service, all iPhone and iPad repairs include a FREE screen protector to safeguard your investment, and all glass and/or LCD screen replacements are backed by a full 1-YEAR warranty against defect or failure, ensuring that your satisfaction is guaranteed. iPhoneIntact pledges "Repairs done rightright away." Take decisive action here and now to end the suffering and the shame of living with that broken down, busted up, cracked out screen. Get with iPhoneIntact now for a rapid local repair that serves you better - Simply TEXT 919.884.9557.

iPhoneIntact is Fast, Flexible Phone Repair On the Go - We Bring Convenient & Reliable Screen Repair Solutions to You.