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This is iPhone repair on your terms. Professional repairs, performed quickly ON-SITE by an experienced technician, at a time and location that's CONVENIENT for you. The iPhoneIntact service is entirely MOBILE within Raleigh, so the repair comes to you! Phone screen replacement is done on the spot, at a table in your local cafe, or even at your workplace. Most glass/lcd display repairs are completed in 15 minutes or LESS!

Your broken phone - like NEW again, as FAST as possible, and for a more AFFORDABLE price. All backed by a 1-YEAR warranty! Just TEXT 919.884.9557 to arrange a repair for a time and place that works for YOU.

is Crucial

iPhoneIntact offers screen repair that serves you BETTER. Avoid costly insurance deductibles and the awkward process of sending your phone away for repair. Skip the malls and the parking, the lines, and the waiting. Dodge the overpriced and under-performing cell phone repair shops, many with a questionable reputation.

Put your troubles in the hands of a skilled technician who will provide RAPID resolution for your broken iPhone issues. We bring the solution to YOU, freeing you from the frustration of a fractured screen. Check pricing for your device, and then TEXT 919.884.9557 to request service.


On-Site Phone Screen Repair

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Reliability is

QUALITY you can count on. Not just a screen replacement- this is PEACE of mind. Having a shattered screen is no way to live these days. A damaged device that isn't fully functioning can slow you down, and put you out of touch. iPhoneIntact isn't just going to sit around and let that happen.

See for yourself - You get to observe the entire process, so NO cheap knock-off parts, NO mishandling of delicate components, and NO pieces left missing from your device! Affordable expert repairs, done quickly and CORRECTLY. Every phone repair comes with a FREE screen protector, and a full 1-YEAR warranty against defect or hardware failure. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. Check here for prices based on device and damage, then TEXT 919.884.9557 to schedule a repair.

Save Time AND
Save Money

Broken phone? Don't replace it... REPAIR it! Having your busted phone restored to it's former glory not only looks good, it makes SENSE. With iPhoneIntact, professional ON-SITE screen replacement is done quickly and correctly for a fraction of the cost of a replacement phone, and for much less than your insurance deductible, or what you'll pay at a retail cellular / electronics repair store.

Because the iPhoneIntact repair service is entirely MOBILE, with less overhead, we're able to provide truly RELIABLE repairs, done by an experienced technician using TOP quality OEM parts, for an AFFORDABLE price. Select your device here, then TEXT 919.884.9557 to arrange a repair.


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Hassle-Free Screen Replacement

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Serving Raleigh for over 6 years, iPhoneIntact has performed more than 5,000 successful repairs for THOUSANDS of satisfied local customers. Whatever your broken iPhone or iPad issue may be, we've seen it before. And, we've fixed it. And with that kind of EXPERIENCE, iPhoneIntact has the unique ability to identify and resolve almost any issue while in the field. This means you'll have more than just an affordable phone fix, you'll have a repair you can TRUST. 

We've developed quite a knack for quickly and correctly diagnosing your issue, and answering any questions you might have, just by getting a few key pieces of information from you. Check repair prices here, and then TEXT 919.884.9557 to discuss your issue, and to arrange an appointment for repair.